Behind the scenes: Scandinavian Business Seating winter shoot

ergonomic chair ergonomics håg rbm scandinavian design task chair

Take a peek to the latest colors of Scandinavian Business Seating's HÅG and RBM chairs shot against a dramatic Norwegian winter background. Despite the different focuses of these brands, you can easily match them at your office due to the distinctive Scandinavian design and matching color options. Let the pictures talk to themselves.

Hag capisco
HÅG Capisco
Ergonomic chair - Håg Capisco Puls
HÅG Capisco Puls
Ergonomic chair -Håg Capisco Puls winter
HÅG Capisco Puls
Canteen chair - RBM Noor
RBM Noor
Cafe chair - RBM Noor
RBM Noor
Conference chair - RBM Noor
RBM Noor chairs and Twisted Little Star table
Bar stool - RBM Noor Up
RBM Noor Up

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