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Duba-B8 has changed it ownership to single shareholder. For the past 11 years, the furniture producer Duba-B8 A/S in Bjerringbro, Denmark, has had shared ownership between Bjerringbro Savværk Holding A/S and Doba Holding A/S. Bjerringbro Savværk Holding A/S has by agreement acquired the remaining shares of Doba Holding A/S.

“Through the passing years, there has been a good collaboration between Doba Holding and Bjerringbro Savværk. But now, the time has come to unite the ownership, in order to ensure the continued development of the company,” says Niels Due Jensen, chairman of the board at Bjerringbro Savværk.

In continuation to effectuate the deal, the two board members from Doba Holding A/S, Hans-Christian Bødker Jensen and Michael Jørgen Peytz, will be leaving the board of Duba-B8 A/S.

The ownership, attained by Bjerringbro Savværk Holding A/S, will be held by the company’s shareholders;
Niels Due Jensen, who owns 70%, and Grundfos Holding AG, Switzerland who holds the remaining 30% of Bjerringbro Savværk Holding A/S.

The board of the company is consolidated with former Group Executive Vice President at Grundfos, Søren Østergaard Sørensen, as chairman of the board, with Niels Due Jensen and Jørgen Melgaard Pedersen together with the staff-elected representatives, Jan Gregersen and Martin Laurberg Knudsen, as members of the board.

Chairman of the Board, Søren Østergaard Sørensen, says:
“With a solidified ownership, a very competent management, and a dedicated and professional organization, B8 A/S stands stronger and is ready to expand its position on the market of quality office furniture in the Nordic countries and other priority export markets.”

The company name, Duba-B8 A/S, changes to B8 A/S – the rest remains
In accordance with the change in ownership, the shareholders have decided to change the name of the company from Duba-B8 A/S to the former B8 A/S.

The management remains the same and the furniture will still be of the same good quality and design. We will continue to provide furniture consulting and professional after sales service, and all together strengthening the competitiveness of the company.

B8 A/S will continue to develop new interior design solutions for the future office environment. As will the company go on to cultivate new markets for Scandinavian furniture and design.

The company CEO, Peter Arndrup Poulsen, says:
“Our new name, B8 A/S, is a continuation of our past company, System B8 Møbler A/S. The location of our factory is still where it all started more than 100 years ago, and today it is a modern production facility with a specific focus on high agility and production quality. We are happy that we continue to have our own production in Denmark. It ensures great flexibility and optimal service for our customers.”

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