Go Ergo!

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Ergonomics is not just a word to represent fancy chairs, height-adjustable desks and monitor arms.  It is actually a key aspect that businesses need to look at when dealing with their own health and welfare as well as that of their staff.

The term ergonomics is derived from the Greek word ergon meaning work and nomoi meaning natural laws. It is the study of the design and arrangement of things people use for their work so that the people and things interact most efficiently and safely.

Uhuh, there’s a science for that.

In the past years, ergonomists, chiropractors and physical therapists alike have done studies, published a lot of books and written many articles emphasising on the importance of good posture and the benefits of having an ergonomically designed workplace yet the problems that they were addressing are still mainly left unnoticed or not given enough attention. One of the reasons for this may signify that ergonomic problems are not high on the list of priorities, especially in developing countries.

Although it is usually an underrated field of study especially here in the Philippines where most people don’t see the importance of a conducive working environment and proper body mechanics as long as they get the job done, ergonomics plays a vital role on our health especially now that our way of living and working have shifted from active to passive.

Now because of the negligence, the simple problem of slouching has become more complicated and has grown as one of the most underestimated health issues of the modern age.

Have you ever wondered why you feel so helplessly tired even if you were just sitting all day? Did you ever feel a dull aching or a sharp stabbing pain in your fingers, wrists or other parts of your body? How about in the shoulders, neck or upper and lower back?  

Probably most, if not all, answered “yes” to all three questions. All of these and many other symptoms are actually the by-products of the “not paying attention” since these already indicate an existing musculoskeletal disorder (MSD). Repeated exposure to these risk factors such as awkward or sustained postures, forceful exertion or strain of the muscles and contact pressure may interfere with the body's normal healing process and produce disproportionate responses leading to an ergonomic injury that are directly or indirectly related to job duties or the work environment.

Instead of actually being able to focus on the work, employees are constantly bothered and distracted by the pain thus reducing work productivity. This lost productivity affects directly to the bottom line of the company, not to mention that MSDs are costly conditions due to their direct insurance, compensation, medical, and administrative costs

However, investing in good ergonomics would not only lessen employees chances of suffering from chronic injuries, but it would also add up to the company’s overall productivity up to at least 30%, and will keep insurance deductible and worker compensation claims low. Not to mention improving company’s safety culture by being able to demonstrate that the employer is committed to doing his part to ensure safe, healthy working conditions, so the employees will be more inclined to do theirs. Investment in ergonomics will also help to retain the talent and show to the employees that you value them. The resulting higher job satisfaction will lead to employees that are more productive and easier to manage.

If you want your company to realise these key benefits of good ergonomics, then we should talk.

Our chairs are designed to make sure you won’t sit still. They are designed with people and their needs in focus and inspire them to be at their best throughout the work day, and after. To put it simply, our seating solutions contribute to the well-being of people and of businesses.

Office chairs? They seem like such ordinary objects. A seat, a backrest, armrests and a base. But a good office chair is essential for working in a healthy way!

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