How a Great Workplace Design Drives Creativity and Innovation

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 According to the 2016 U.S. Workplace Survey conducted by Gensler, the largest and leading collaborative design firm in the world, great workplaces design drives creativity and innovation.

Gensler’s U.S. Workplace Survey 2016 is the most recent installment in their  10-year Workplace Survey research effort where they surveyed a panel-based sample of over 4,000 U.S. office workers in 11 industries to understand where and how work is happening today and the role design plays in employee performance innovation.  

The  data uncovers a statistical link between the quality and functional makeup of the workplace, and the level of innovation employees ascribe to their companies whereas respondents with a higher score also report higher innovation index. By identifying the key differentiators for employees with high innovation index scores, Gensler developed a set of action items every organisation should take to optimise the workplace and improve performance and innovation:


  • Investing in the Individual Employees at innovative companies have better designed and more functional workspaces, no matter how open—and if those functional aspects are managed, an open office can be as e effective as a private one.



  • Diversify Group Work Spaces Innovators have access to, and use, a greater variety of workspaces in and out of the office, particularly for non-focus activities. They are also less likely to report having to work in the same space, and less likely to socialise at their desks.



  • Empower the Whole Community The ability to work wherever is best for the task at hand shouldn’t be a perk just for leadership. Invest in strategies to increase autonomy, and connect every employee to the purpose behind their work and the broader organisational community.

The wellbeing of employees isn’t a program or HR checklist but a business strategy aimed at increasing employee productivity, enhancing engagement and improving overall health and happiness in the workplace. And like any good business strategy, it should be ongoing, targeted and essential to what defines your organisation and its success.

With these, you can start re-decorating your spaces by transforming them into something that encourages collaboration among peers all the while ensuring the health and wellbeing of you and your employees but doesn’t compromise the office’s overall aesthetic.

Talk to us and we’ll find you the right solutions to able to create that inspiring and innovative workplace you need  for your company.

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