Meet the sleek new, IOT-ready S60 table family

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A table that covers all the basic work needs without compromising design, aesthetics and ergonomics? B8 gives it all to you with the new S60 Work Desk Series. 

Conceptualised by Danish designer Mads Odgärd, the new S60’s tabletop is made with Valchormat,  a wood product which is up to 30% stronger than regular MDF wherein a 12mm thick tabletop can resist the same amount of pressure a 22mm MDF could and thus making the S60 weigh more than 20kg lighter than other desks.

The table’s framing is also much thinner and its height-adjustment is driven by built-in actuators from Linak which features an unobtrusive design without a motor housing, blending perfectly into the S60’s desk portfolio. 

Cabling, on the other hand,  is integrated directly into the tabletop with the intuitive Design Tags, leaving no power outlets or cables under the table or in cable trays. The tags are easy to use and can be changed if needed. While the power units for the S60 series is specially developed in cooperation with Duelco who has minimised the size and made it possible to expand the unit with an IOT-sensor.

Aside from its slimline design and simple and intuitive features, the S60 has also gotten a design boost with 117 available combinations making it the best table ever.

B8 has also extended this new series into meeting tables and storage units in the same materials and style, leaving us more to watch out for. 


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