Scandinavian Business Seating is now Flokk

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Flokk Design


Scandinavian Business Seating has changed its name to Flokk as it keeps growing its portfolio. With Flokk's recent expansions, they are now able to provide the market with even more exciting workspace solutions. By uniting the branding and communication efforts Flokk can accommodate more of end-users needs when it comes to providing furniture for any working environment. Flokk will have a larger and stronger presence on- and offline than what Scandinavian Business Seating has had in the past.

Flokk is a Norwegian word for herd or flock. The name is inspired by Flokk's strong brands, and their philosophy of being part of something greater than oneself. Flokk's designs enable well-being and performance, and are a natural part of any workplace or social situation where people gather.

Jump on the bandwagon of Flokk today!

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