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The table Grip is designed by Satyendra Pakhalé and is a product designed for the modern individual. Satyendra Pakhalé believes in good design wherever it comes from. It is when design is placed within a context that it becomes interesting and creates meaning. Encounters between people form one source of his inspiration. The concept for Grip was born in this same spirit. Grip is a table that is easy to pick up (grip!) and move thanks to the small handle on the tabletop that stands out like a small functional detail. The handle is a clear symbol of our modern lifestyle – we want complete flexibility. On a sunny day we can take the table outside, at home we can put books onto it beside our favorite easy chair; at the office we want to be able to move about spontaneously with our laptop or coffee cup on the table. Grip is designed to make our lives easier in everyday situations. Satyendra Pakhalé compares the table to a satellite that can rotate around within a setting and be moved from place to place – at work, by the sofa, in a meeting room, outdoors. The handle replaces wheels, which have the same function. Why reinvent the wheel when you can add a handle instead? Grip is made of Corian®, chosen for its hygienic properties (easy to clean), because it is heavy (stability and quality), and, not least, because it is extremely durable. Durability is an important issue for Pakhalé. Every choice must be made correctly – from the product’s production, packing and transport to how it will finally be recycled. He believes that if a product does not last a long time then it has no right to exist.

“Offecct has a terrific understanding of how modern individuals work and live today. The company is also at the forefront of environmental issues, which has led to a stimulating collaboration in complete agreement”, says Satyendra Pakhalé.

“Satyendra Pakhalé is an incredibly exciting figure on the international design stage. His design just make life a little easier”, comments Anders Englund, head of design at Offecct