Akuart acoustic canvas

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AKUART is a whole new breed of sound absorbers combining high quality fabrics, state of the art printing techniques and superior acoustic performance. No longer is the visual expression of the sound absorber limited to a narrow variety of standard solutions. AKUART is total freedom of design, form and format. Add a changeable canvas, an all-included graphic service, quick production time and an extensive image gallery, exclusive to AKUART, and you have the ultimate collection of sound absorbers on the market.


  • Product: Framed acoustic image
  • Acoustic material: High-density glass wool
  • Canvas: Polyester mixture
  • Plate type: Wall panel
  • Frame: 36 mm or 60 mm aluminum profile
  • Mounting: Mounted with wall brackets



AKUART products are made using highly efficient and fully certified sound absorbing materials from European producers. The products consist of a frame design that creates space between the acoustic panel and the underlying wall surface. This optimises the acoustic properties further. The result is an acoustic performance that is superior on the market and thereby supports the increased requirements for room acoustics in several countries. The strict requirements emphasise the importance of effective wall absorbers, and in many cases, in schools, day care centers and offices, it is recommended that 10-15% of the total sound absorption in a room, is placed on the wall surfaces.

All AKUART products are tested by third party acousticians. This means that architects, building consultants and designers can count 100% on the acoustic characteristics of an AKUART sound absorbing picture. AKUART is a perfect solution for effective acoustic control, especially in environments with high demands on acoustic conditions.


  • Absorption: Test results according to EN ISO 354, Classification according to EN ISO 11654
  • Flammability: Fire retardent. Classification EN ISO 1182
  • Environment: M1 label, The Indoor Climate label, CE label, Recomended by the Swedish Asthma and Allergies Association, Nordic Environmental Label, The International Recycling Label. 


  • Flammability: Fire retardent. Classification B-s1 according to DIN EN 13501-1
  • Environment: Tested free from harmful substances according to Eco-Tex 100