Framery One

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The world’s most advanced soundproof office pod

This connected pod features industry-leading acoustics, as well as lighting and ventilation that’s been optimized for extended video calls and focus work alike.

The world’s most advanced soundproof office pod

  • One person
  • Soundproof workstation
  • Compatible with Framery Connect
  • Speech privacy and excellent interior acoustics
  • Adjustable ventilation
  • Award-winning design

Designed for all types of work
Framery One is great for quick phone or video calls, as well as longer periods of focus work. The pod’s beautiful design and ergonomic surroundings help you get it done.

Supports Framery Connect
Framery Connect is our digital service for workplace management. Make Framery One bookable and get pod usage data to make better decisions about how your office works with Framery Connect.


  • Speech level reduction 30dB (measured according to ISO-23351-1)

High-end and comfortable workstation

  • Speech privacy assured
  • Exterior occupancy light
  • Optimized interior work lighting
  • Digital settings for lighting and ventilation
  • Height adjustable table and chair (chair optional)
  • Coat hook

Customizable color options
Nearly everything on Framery One can be customized to your liking. Choose from a range of colors for exterior panels, interior fabrics, furnishings, and more.

Flexible and adjustable workspace
The height-adjustable table and the chair (optional) create an ergonomic workspace. Adjustable work lighting & airflow allow the user to set up their ideal working environment.

Framery Connect features

  • Pod bookability
  • Automatic reservations
  • Pod usage analytics
  • Simple Framery pod management

Workplace management with Framery Connect
Manage your entire fleet of Framery One pods through Framery Connect. Get insightful data about how the pods are being used and make better workplace management decisions for your office.

Bookable pods
Syncrhonize Framery One with Google and Microsoft calendars to enable pod bookability features. Available pods automatically create a calendar reservation upon entry, which can be adjusted directly from the pod’s touchscreen panel.

Your Framery One is always up-to-date
Framery Connect automatically updates your pod’s software, so there is no risk of having outdated software or manual updates.


Exterior: 88.8 in x 47.9 in x 40 in (height, width, depth)
Interior: 80.3 in x 40 in x 36.7 in (height, width, depth)
Door: Left-handed, Doorway 80.2 in x 40 in (height, width)
Table: 30 in x 17.7 in (width, depth) Adjustment height 27.6 in - 47.2 in
Adjustable seat height: 23.2 in x 33.5 in