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The chair Bergen is designed by Hallgeir Homstvedt. Bergen was originally developed for a project to a university in Bergen, Norway. After further development the chair is now launched in our collection with its inspiring expression. In a certain light you can, by reading the shadow, imagine where Homstvedt found his inspiration - the beautiful windows of the university.

“I designed this chair for the competition which I won for the furnishing of the newly renovated auditorium in the Bergen University, originally built in 1894. The imposing window valves in the room were important as inspiration. The shapes are reflected in the square back and the circular seat. The chair’s character lies in the meeting between these two surfaces, giving the impression of floating in the air, with only a small concealed point of attachment. This gives the chair a minimalistic and slender character, with good stacking capacity. The brief for the competition stated that the auditorium must hold four hundred seated audience members, but that it can quickly and swiftly be refurnished for a dinner for a hundred people.” / Hallgeir Homstvedt