OFFECCT Propeller

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In designing the Propeller series, Claesson Koivisto Rune has renewed the existing typology of the functional T, 3-leg and 4-leg tables and modernized their appearance. Using modern technology, the base has been slimmed down and lowered to increase legroom and sitting comfort. The slender lines of the legs are reminiscent of industrial fans and aircraft propellers, thus giving the series its name. Propeller is a wide range of tables offering extensive variation. 
Propeller has a slender shape, whereby the form of the table-top and legs run along a single line, finally diverting at the base. The slight taper at the very end of the base keeps the legs sturdy despite their relatively slim construction.

“There is great demand for this type of table. The drawback of existing models on the market is that the cast base is high and awkward – I’m sure we’ve all sat at conference tables and been obstructed by the table legs. I thought about ways of reducing the height to make the tables more comfortable and modern. Using modern technology to laser-cut the steel rather than casting it, we’ve managed to produce a thinner, slim lined base,” says designer Eero Koivisto.