OFFECCT Snowflakes

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The table Snowflakes is designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune. Snowflake is the world’s first furniture to be both mass produced and unique. Made of DuPont Corian®, the table is made by using advanced computer software. In this way each table is unique. A poetic and innovative concept! The aim with the Snowflakes table is to achieve the same variation as that found in real snowflakes. A computer programmer developed software that is connected to a milling machine. The machine cuts out the table top precisely according to the instructions of the design team. In this way, the table is machine made but no two tables are alike because the milling program is changed every time within certain preset parameters. For instance, the table always has six points and the same diameter. Snowflakes is a small, useful table which can be combined by using several by a sofa or just one by the bed. The table is available in three different heights in order to increase the possible variations and usages. 

“It began when I saw fabulous photos by the nineteenth-century photographer Wilson Bentley at a trade fair. He photographed snow crystals for forty-six years! I became fascinated by his work and studied his book, which was published in 1931 and contained pictures of 2.000 different snowflakes”, explains Eero Koivisto.