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Soundwave® Village is an acoustic panel designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune. Soundwave® Village is a successful pairing of architecture and design. It has a complicated geometry, in which the sound-absorbent properties have determined the pattern. The Claesson Koivisto Rune and Offecct design team applied acoustics principles to tweak and twist the intricate pattern to achieve the optimal sound absorbency. The pattern of the panel can be described as a view of the roofs of small buildings, thereof the name. The pattern can also be experienced as an abstract—the observer does not have to perceive the building pattern. The panels can be used individually or combined to form a whole wall. All panels absorb weak sounds in the upper frequencies (500 Hz and above). They are perfect for eliminating disturbing reflected sound from voices in office landscapes, telephone conversations, and computer noise, and can be used to improve the sound levels in settings like restaurants.

“The facets and trapezoid shapes make the sound rebound at a 45-degree angle. After we had worked on the pattern for a while, we realized it looked like the roofs on a lot of small buildings. To get the right feeling, we looked at aerial photographs of very dense urban areas. The Forbidden City in Beijing, where the spaces between buildings can be extremely narrow, was one source of inspiration.” /Eero Koivisto.