RBM Noor

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RBM Noor is the new collection of canteen and conference chairs. A wide range of colourful chairs which will combine with any room or environment. A contemporary classic, it comes with ambience, functionality and high usability, creates positive meetings and joyful moments.

A collection with a Scandinavian identity and environmental thinking. RBM Noor marks a new beginning in vitalising spaces and relations.

RBM Noor is slim, lightweight, easy to handle, arrange, stack, store and clean. Its high quality features and ergonomic excellence creates a comfortable sitting experience.

A combinable and colourful collection
You choose the model, materials and colours. Polypropylene seats come in six vibrant colours. 3D veneer seats are available in oak or dark stained oak. Upholstery is available on all models. The 4 leg and sledgebase models can be delivered in a number of colours and surfaces. As can armrests. Wooden legs come in natural and dark stained ash, the aluminium footbase is available either black or polished. RBM Noor has a model for every application and interaction.