RBM Bella

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RBM Bella is a pure pleasure. A chair that can enliven any circumstance in any company, conference hall or canteen. Clean, smooth lines designed for the hip as well as the proper environments. The high, slightly curved back provides good ergonomic support. RBM Bella is a joy to have around and will provide years of satisfaction. It is available in various colors of laminates, veneers and stained veneer.

RBM Low-back Bella is an extension and further development of the existing chair collection; RBM Bella. Both models are designed by Tias Eckhoff, one of the most acknowledged Scandinavian industrial designers.

As the name indicates, the new RBM Low-back Bella collection features lower back height than the classical RBM Bella, and a generous, but slim, light and open form expression, with a strong appeal. The chair is designed for stability and solidity, making it well-suited for all users in various environments in conferences, canteens, meetings e.g.