RH Logic

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You deserve a chair that is right for your body

With RH Logic, you can choose a high or low back and a number of other design features. The result is a comfortable chair that helps you to perform better throughout the working day. RH Logic is also available as a 24/7 and ESD friendly chair.


Providing complete support in any working position, enabling you to always sit correctly and breathe properly.

  • Sculptured seat with waterfall front combined tapered back with clear lumbar support and “Tvedt” cushion encourages movement and an upright posture.
  • Adjustable back angle and infinitely adjustable tilt mechanism that can be locked in any chosen position.
  • Pictograms on all handles and levers make the chair easy to use, easy to understand.
  • Easily interchangable seat and back that can be clicked on and off.
  • Woollen layer in seat and back ensures improved ventilation, keeping you cooler and more comfortable.
  • Inflatable lumbar support give excellent support for the entire back in upright posture.
      10-year guarantee
      • EN 1335-1-2-3 A
      • Möbelfakta
      • BS 5459/2
      • IEC 61340 (ESD)
      • EPD, ISO 14025
      • Nordic Swan Label